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Sting Flat Water Carbon SUP Race Board

The need for speed……. Signature The Sting Flat Water Carbon SUP Race Board series is the result of two iconic designers Ivan Van Vuuren and Nicki Carstens.

The board design was for a fast all round race SUP. Fast enough for flat water but stable enough for In & Out racing.

Full carbon plus brushed carbon, PVC , for added strength.

The Top deck benefits from two concaves running the full length of the standing area for for added comfort and amazing stability.

The Sting owes its  phenomenal acceleration to the single concave hull. Designed for acceleration. 

High impact - high comfort 3 part deck pad so you know where you are on the board at all times. Main deck has crocodile skin texture for comfort and grip.

All boards come with Signatures deluxe board bag and carbon race fin.

"We aren't sure how they built a board that is this fast and this stable. The double barrelled top deck has all the benefits of dug out, without the draw back of falling and damaging rails. When the conditions get tough, we just planted our feet agains the concaves and kept going. Fantastic board for anyone that is looking for a board that does everything really well!" - Wild Tides Test

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