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Wild Tides interview with Michael Booth about all things SUP. 
Michael Booth came in to chat with me about all things SUP. Michael has moved up the ranks to become one of the best paddlers in the world.
His results speak for themselves :
  • European SUP Tour Champion 2017
  • World Champion ISA SUP Marathon Fiji 2016
  • QLD SUP Distance and Technical Champion 2016
  • Australian SUP Distance Champion 2015
  • World Series Ocean Ski 2nd Overall 2015
  • Australian Ocean Ski Series Champion 14/15
  • Representative Australian Senior Kayak team Moscow, Russia 2014
  • Representative Australian U23 Kayak team Szeged, Hungary 2014

I got the chance to attend one of Michaels paddle clinics in Perth. I didn't pass up the chance and invited him for an interview and hear what he had to say about SUP.
After handing him a cold cup of coffee and making the mistake of calling him Travis in an email a few weeks before. I felt like I was doing a pretty poor job of this whole interview business. But I wasn't going to let that stop me! Michael is pretty relaxed dude and didn't seem to pay my indiscretions any notice.  
We discussed his early days and how he has moved up the ranks rapidly. He credits much of his success to the fact that he's been training for 20 plus years and has a fantastic base to work from. He also has a strong foundation in Surf Life, Kayak and Surf Ski, so the transition to SUP came naturally. Michael discusses how he relied on his ability as an endurance athlete in the beginning. Then focused on his weaknesses to become the phenomenal paddler we know today.

"know what you are good at and rely on your strengths."

Michaels advice to beginners in the sport is to "know what you are good at and rely on your strengths." Its great advice becuase you can't control the conditions or you competitors, so you need to know your strengths.
Michael says the longer the distance the more important technique becomes. If you consider you are doing 5000 strokes plus, each stroke counts.
He has always paddled on feel and only recently started using apps like Motionize to track progress. This is something I couldn't agree more with. Going on feel and being aware of your limits has seen me through many gruelling events.
Michael has a calm confidence about him, which I can only presume comes knowing what works and fixing what doesn't. 
One thing that resonated with me and I hope many people take away from this interview, is that Michael worked to his strengths and then established his weakness's and worked until they became his strengths. Winning has less to do with talent and everything to do with doing what others aren't. 
Let us know what you think of the interview and check out Michaels new website at

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